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The turnover of crores of rupees is still on paper, with no guarantee of paper safety, no guarantee of proper calculation, and no easy way to track all transactions like salaries, rents, power bills, monthly expenses, and even small transactions
Shop Owners facing an issue in which he was unable to keep track of transactions and inventory without the help of accountants. There would not be a need for daily updates and every time there would be a need for a personal meeting to ensure the transactions were being completed..


Robust and efficient liquor inventory tracking application can provide the solution that can help keep track of all transactions and provide secure storage of financial data. Additionally, having a well-defined accounting policy can help ensure that all transactions are accounted for. It can also help reduce errors and streamline processes, allowing for more efficient accounting...     .    

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With a well-managed inventory system, businesses can save time and money, as well as maximize their efficiency. Automated processes help to reduce human error and streamline operations. Additionally, businesses can also better track their inventory and make informed decisions..

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We're passionate about managing your liquor inventory with precision, and we're here to help. Our journey began with a vision to revolutionize the way businesses manage their bar inventory. At Darulekka, we simplify the process, enabling wine shop owners, managers, and enthusiasts to keep track of, manage, and optimize their liquor stock with ease. .    

We offer a comprehensive suite of services, from automated inventory management to real-time analytics and reporting. Our products are designed to save you time and effort, while giving you the freedom and flexibility to manage your business the way you want. With Darulekka, you can maximize efficiency and profitability..

Digitize sales sheet

Transforming a sales sheet into a digital format offers time-saving benefits, reduces errors, and ensures a clear, organized record-keeping system. Experience streamlined efficiency and precise record-tracking with our digitization solution for sales sheets.

Analytics and Reports

We offer comprehensive insights into your company's operations with our Sale and Inventory App Reports Get detailed insight into sales trends, stock levels, and product performance Track sales analytics, monitor inventory turnover,simplify your analysis with our robust reporting features.

Stock and Inventory Management

Streamlining operations through real-time stock monitoring aids businesses in reducing errors, optimizing processes, and implementing cost-effective measures, fostering heightened operational efficiency.

Managing All Expenses

There will be a trackable record for every daily transaction, from bank deposits to online payments to transportation charges and stationary payments to other payments like rent and utility bills and income transactions.

Vendor(Belt shop) Management

Businesses can effortlessly manage vendor dues and streamline payment transactions with this seamless solution. With a user-friendly interface

Wallet Option

 The wallet feature will allow owners to keep track of expenditures, such as license fees, rents, shop set up work, fridge, investments, and profits etc. .



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Get a firsthand look at the future of Darulekka. Experience a limited version of our revolutionary app and witness its powerful features in action.

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